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            Hello, welcome to the official website of Liyang Huida Machinery Co., Ltd!
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            We are strongly committed to excellent performance and quality of our products and to being a strong partner for our customers.
            Huida hard-working , Strive to expand the market and the struggle creates for the best


            We have decades of experience designing and building projects related to feed and biomass; including livestock and poultry feed engineering, aquatic and special feed engineering, forage engineering, herbage engineering, alfalfa hay engineering, broussonet feed engineering, trash RDF engineering, biomass pellets project of complete plant and reconstruct & extension of different projects.

            Liyang Huida Machinery Co., Ltd

            Liyang huida machinery co., LTD is located in liyang city, the famous hometown of fish and rice in jiangnan. She specializes in the design and manufacture of feed machinery. The company provides a series of granulator, crusher, mixer, cooler, crusher, ring mould parts and all kinds of feed engineering. Project involved: livestock and poultry feed, aquatic products and special feed engineering, grass engineering, premix, concentrated, marigold granule production of complete sets of engineering and all kinds of engineering reconstruction and expansion. 

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